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The mission of TAKE YOUR VITAMINS! is to empower people to lead healthy lives through knowledge of nutrition and supplementation.

Karen (Profile)The founder and owner, Karen McCoy, R.N., has a deep passion for learning, teaching and helping others. She shares her enthusiasm for healthy options with customers successfully due to her education and her warm manner. She takes great pride in stocking the highest quality product lines, including many organic brands. Her store reflects her respect for Nature — and its healing abilities.

The store opened in June 2007. The name of the store comes from a visit Karen had with her sister, reminiscing about childhood days of being told daily by their mother to “TAKE YOUR VITAMINS!”

Have you taken yours today?

Here at TAKE YOUR VITAMINS!, we don’t just carry the best selection of vitamins; we also consider our store as a spiritual and metaphysical space for healing. This way, we are able to provide not just prime products, but also a holistic approach to promoting better health.

Our goal is to make the world healthier, one customer at a time. But to do that, we need to offer our products together with educated tips.

For us, it’s not just about the number of products we offer. The success of our vitamins and supplements store in Gilbert, AZ is anchored on satisfaction and progress of our customers’ wellness.

Healing and Prevention

Our roster of vitamins ranges from healing, prevention, and maintenance of good health. Sickness prevention is a crucial step since an illness can cause thousands of dollars in doctor and medicinal fees.

All of our vitamins and supplements are guaranteed to be authentic and safe to take. When in doubt, our staff can assist you or you can ask for a consultation with the owner, Karen McCoy, R.N.

Whatever you’re looking for, we have the vitamins for you and we always stock top brands with proven effectiveness.

Metaphysical and Spiritual Healing

Aside from the conventional vitamins and supplements, we also have products that you can use for aromatherapy, homeopathy, and related applications. We recognize the power of aromatherapy in alternative medicine so we offer only quality items. Some of our aromatics include Now, Aura Cacia, Crystal Sage, and Butterfly Express.

Our metaphysical store Gilbert, AZ also offers herbs for various applications. Our shelves have over 250 bulk herbal products as well as tinctures, clays, spices, and salts. If you’re just beginning to discover the benefits of these products, our staff can advise you about the best herb combinations to suit your health needs.


Another strong branch of alternative medicine is homeopathy where the concept of treating “like with like” is utilized. It’s a way of improving the body’s natural defenses. And here, at TAKE YOUR VITAMINS!, we offer some of the best products for this application.

We carry brands like King Bio, Similasan, BioAllers, NatraBio, Heel, Hylands, and more. Our metaphysical store Gilbert, AZ selects products that meet our cutting-edge standard in nutritional health.

Ingredient Safety and Potency

Our dedication to better health comes with the responsibility to ensure that all the ingredients of our products are safe and produced with the best industry practices. As a rule of thumb, we demand transparency in the labeling. Our staff also examines each of the labels to guarantee potency of all the vitamins, supplements, herbs, and aromatherapy products we sell.

This way, we can vouch for all our products. Our store has grown over the years, thanks to our unending pursuit of quality. Aside from that, we also seek to inspire our customers to make the big switch into a healthier lifestyle.

Each of our clients has their own journey. We try to be the guiding light together with our products as the best vitamins and supplements store in Gilbert, AZ.

Metaphysical Store in Gilbert

Take Your Vitamins is an all-around metaphysical store in Gilbert, AZ. Whether you’re stressed, have trouble sleeping, or simply want something to protect your energies – we’ve got a crystal for that!

You can choose from our crystals based on their healing properties or what you plan to use them for. From raw crystals to polished towers, spheres, and even jewelry, you’ll never be out of options.

We also sell dried herbs (LINK TO HERBS page), sage bundles, and incense. You can use them for cleansing, ritual, or attracting positive energies into your life.

Spiritual Shop in Gilbert

Take Your Vitamins in Gilbert is also one of few spiritual stores in the city. You can use many of our products for spiritual practices like yoga, meditation, and the opening and balancing of chakras.

Shop with Us!

A person’s well-being combines both the spiritual and the physical. We care about giving you holistic wellness. That’s why we don’t just nourish the soul, but also the body. Take Your Vitamins is a natural vitamins store in Gilbert, AZ that offers 100% natural health supplements.

If you’re searching for “metaphysical store near me” we’ve got you covered as well. This should give you more reason to shop with us.

We Offer the Best and Safest Products

All our metaphysical and spiritual items are ethically acquired. Consumable products such as vitamins don’t only have great packaging. Our supplements are among the best in their category, containing high quality ingredients that are safe, effective, and clinically proven.

Need a Consulting Session?

Schedule private consultations with Karen McCoy, R.N. Speaking with an expert on your health will benefit tremendously!

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