Frequently Asked Questions

How are vitamins and supplements different?

Vitamins and supplements can be used interchangeably. However, supplements are often a combination of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Both are good for your health as long as they meet your needs and your deficiencies. At Take Your Vitamins!, you have tons of options for vitamins and supplements, depending on your preference.

Can I take supplements on my own, without a doctor?

Most supplements are safe to take without the advice of a doctor. However, if you have a lingering condition or you’re pregnant, you should consult with a doctor first. Do the same if you’re taking other medications as supplements may have severe contraindication on other drugs. If in doubt, it’s always safe to ask a medical professional about the supplement you’re planning to take.

How can I get more information about a supplement?

Each of our supplements comes with complete information. You can even ask our staff to discuss more about the product you’re planning to purchase. This way, you will know exactly what’s in every pill, tablet, and syrup you’re taking. We’re fully transparent and always willing to discuss all the products we have on our shelves.

How are vitamins and supplements regulated?

Vitamins and supplements are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). For a product to be categorized as a supplement, it should contain dietary ingredients. It can be in the form of pills, concentrates, extracts and so on. This way, each supplement is guaranteed to be safe and beneficial for the health of whoever takes it.

How can I evaluate the quality of a supplement?

Always look at the ingredients and their quality before using a supplement. Make sure that it suits your needs or what your doctor recommends. You can also ask our staff to assist you, so you’ll know more about the products we sell. We’re always happy to discuss it with you.

What does food supplements do to the body?

Food supplements augment the nutrients we fail to consume in our daily meals. It also helps supply our bodies with other minerals that will boost our energy and performance. Depending on the supplement you’ll take, supplements will have varying effects on your body. You should also factor in your overall health.

How many essential vitamins does our body need?

There are 13 essential vitamins that our body needs to function well. Some of these are Vitamins A, C, D, E, K, B1, B2, B3, B5, B7, B6, B12 and folate. All of these are necessary for various processes of our body. It ranges from immunity to the efficient neurotransmitter function of our brains.

How are your products regulated?

All of our products have undergone rigorous quality control to ensure that it will pass our standards. We also partner with medical professionals to assess the quality of the products we put on our shelves. Our staff also checks the ingredients of each product to guarantee its quality and efficiency at all times.

Do vitamins and supplements work on pets?

Yes! Here at Take Your Vitamins!, we also sell vitamins for your furry friends. Every product is guaranteed to be safe for your cat or dog. You can ask our staff about our products that suit your pet. Make sure that you let us know if your pooch has a current medication or a specific condition. As long as your cat or dog is in good shape, all of our pet supplements are safe for them. Nevertheless, you can consult with a vet to confirm. It’s also ideal to get your pet checked before giving it a specific supplement.

What is the most popular use of supplements?

Supplements are intended for one thing: to augment what we lack. With this, it helps the body stay in shape even if you can’t eat a lot or if you’re busy at work. If paired with enough exercise, supplements are an excellent investment for your health. You can shop your supply at Take Your Vitamins!

Can I get all the vitamins and minerals I need through a healthy and well-balanced diet?

Usually, we don’t get all of our vitamins and minerals from our meals. Sure, you can consume much of the recommended amount, but a supplement can help. Many of us are busy at work and can’t eat enough. In this case, a supplement can help, but you should still try to consume enough calories packed with nutrients.

Are Take Your Vitamins! products certified organic?

Yes! Our products are certified organic! This is added peace of mind that our products are safe and guaranteed to benefit your health. We also check the ingredients of our products, so nothing gets past our watch. If you’re interested, you can visit our shop or call us at 480-917-5655.

Are all of your products safe for my dog or cat?

As long as your cat or dog is in good shape, all of our pet supplements are safe for them. Nevertheless, you can consult with a vet to confirm. It’s also ideal to get your pet checked before putting it in a specific supplement. That way, the vet can also advise you thoroughly.

How can I know that my supplements are safe?

The ingredients of the supplement is fully disclosed on the label. Also, you can ask for the certification of each product to guarantee that it has been tested safe for consumption. An FDA-registered and evaluated supplement is ideal if you’re looking for safe options. Be sure to ask about and try our organic options as well.

How do I know if I need a supplement?

If you’re not consuming enough vitamins and minerals as recommended, you will benefit from a supplement. Supplements are also ideal for those with a weak immune system and demanding schedules. Still, you should choose a supplement that suits your actual needs. If you’re at a loss, our staff can help you choose the right product.


Who needs vitamins and supplements?

Those who don’t consume enough vitamins and minerals per day should take a specific supplement. This way, their deficiency can be augmented. This will reduce lethargy, exhaustion and risks to various infections. Also, if your doctor recommends that you take a supplement, you should follow accordingly. This will help in your recovery or boosting your overall wellness.

What are some safety considerations when choosing supplements?

The first thing you should check is the ingredients of the supplement. Also, check the expiration date of the supplement, as well as the FDA registration of each product. You can also ask our staff to walk you through the content of the supplement that you choose. Rest assured that all of our supplements are safe and carefully selected.

Should supplements be taken alone?

It depends on what supplement you’re taking. Some of it can be taken with or without food. For example, Vitamin B should be taken in the morning together with your breakfast. Meanwhile, the likes of Vitamin C and D can be taken with or without food at any time of the day.

Is it good to take a multivitamin every day?

As long as your multivitamin is suitable for your needs, taking one pill a day is safe. In fact, most multivitamins have to be taken daily to yield the best results. Just make sure that you have consulted with a doctor if you have a lingering condition or if you’re taking another medication.

Why Take Your Vitamins! supplements are so popular?

We are popular among our customers due to the high quality of our products. We also see to it that our supply is fresh, organic and safe. Aside from selling, we also guide our customers on the supplement they will purchase. With this, they become educated buyers and they get to choose the right supplement for their needs.

Can supplements be dangerous?

It’s rare for supplements to be dangerous if taken properly. If you have an underlying condition, you should consult with a doctor first to ensure that the supplement will not have any contraindication on your current medications. Also, choose the right supplement that answers to your needs as well as the type of vitamin you lack.

Can I take natural vitamins to boost my immunity?

Definitely! Natural vitamins are great supplements to boost your immune system. It will shield you against diseases and infections. If you’re always exposed to various irritants, natural vitamins are your go-to supplement. It’s actually a better choice than other vitamins laced with synthetic substances. Drop by our shop to get your supply.

Are vitamins and supplements approved?

Yes, almost all of our supplements and vitamins are FDA-approved and recommended by medical professionals. This is part of our commitment to your health and in delivering the best possible products to our customers. We can also help you choose the right supplement for your needs. Drop by our shop where our friendly staff waits.

What capsule sizes are utilized for your products?

We have a wide range of capsule sizes to suit all ages. We have small ones for kids and larger ones for adults who need a higher dose. Rest assured that you’ll find one that’s easy to take. Feel free to drop by our shop to see our selection of supplements and vitamins.

What is your product guarantee?

If you find our product unsuitable for your needs or low in quality, feel free to drop by our store to get a potential replacement. We value your satisfaction and safety, so we always provide a guarantee for all our products. Rest assured that we offer high-quality supplements for your peace of mind.