Like us, our pets also need a boost in their vitamin intake. Deficiencies can lead to various illnesses like digestive imbalance, poor coat health, and internal organ problems. Vitamin supplements augment deficiencies so your furry friend will have a healthy body and live a long life. You can shop for pet vitamins in Gilbert, AZ, that suit your pet’s needs as advised by a veterinarian.

Many pet owners wonder if vitamin supplements are necessary. With a balanced diet and enough exercise, some think that such supplements are no longer an integral part of a pet’s life. But if your pet is showing signs of sickness, the following benefits will surely convince you.

Healthier coat and skin

One of the main benefits of vitamin supplements for pets is better coat health. The amino acid, biotin and other vitamins in the supplement will help improve skin conditions. Regular intake of the supplements will result in reduced shedding and brighter coat color. It will also help fight itchy skin, parasites and allergies.

More energy

Is your pet lethargic and has no energy for playtime? Vitamin deficiency might be the culprit. Aside from your pet’s food, you should also give your pooch a vitamin supplement to keep up with its activity level. Vitamins help promote healthier liver, kidney and eye functions, especially on senior pets.

Better immune system

A vitamin supplement will help boost the immune system of your pet. A healthy immune system is more equipped to fight pathogens and to flush out toxins out of your pet’s body. It will also lower your pet’s risk of inflammation, heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis. If paired with a balanced diet, your pet will have a better quality of life.

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Healthier digestion and absorption

Vitamin supplements also have probiotics that promote excellent gut health. It balances the bad bacteria for better digestion, absorption and bowel movement. Pets that are fed with probiotics have a lower risk of experiencing diarrhea and stomach upset. It will also help address the symptoms of irritable bowel disorders.

Improved cognitive function

A healthy pet is a smart pet! Feeding your pet enough vitamins with the help of supplements will keep them sharp. It will play a big role during training where your pet needs extra spatial attention, memory retention and recall. If you are to shop vitamins in Gilbert, AZ, look for vitamins E and C as well as L-Carnitine among others.

Promotes graceful aging

Your pet ages faster than humans, so you have to ensure that it gets ample nutrition. Always look for age-appropriate formulas to augment the deficiencies that your pet may have. With proper nourishment, your pet will age gracefully while dodging common health problems.

Healthy gums

Lastly, vitamin supplements also promote better dental health. Remember that vitamin deficiencies can cause bleeding and unhealthy gums. A pet with poor dental health has an increased risk of developing heart problems. You can fight this by giving the right supplement.

Vitamin supplements are beneficial for pets as much as it does with humans. At our vitamin shop in Gilbert, AZ, you can purchase the most effective supplements to boost your pet’s health.