Vitamins and supplements can come in two forms: synthetic and natural. Both are beneficial for the body but in different ways. There are divided opinions about synthetic vitamins and their efficacy. Whatever form you’re taking, you should know the difference between the two.

What is a synthetic vitamin?

Synthetic vitamins are those produced in an industrial facility. The vitamin is isolated to remove any enzyme or mineral that is attached to it.

Most of the vitamin supplements you’ll see in the market nowadays are artificial. They mimic the function of natural vitamins in the body. That’s why commercial vitamins are cheaper and can be produced in bulk. Usually, they are found in tablet, powder, capsule and liquid forms.

Are synthetic vitamins safe? Some say that there’s a risk in taking synthetic vitamins, but it all boils down to how the vitamin supplement was produced. There are many safe synthetic vitamins available.

To check if a vitamin supplement is natural or synthetic, simply check the label. If it indicates a vitamin as an individual nutrient, say Vitamin C, it’s synthetic.

What is a natural vitamin?

On the other hand, natural vitamins are pure and unadulterated. These vitamins are found in food and will be listed as such on the label. Natural vitamins are labeled “100% plant-based” or “100% animal-based”.

Remember that natural vitamins are usually packaged with minerals and other nutrients. The good thing here is that natural vitamins are naturally occurring.

However, you won’t get a concentrated version, as synthetic vitamins offer. Still, it’s a wholesome option with no added frills.

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Should you take synthetic nutrients or natural vitamins?

The difference between natural and synthetic vitamins can be a little tricky. If you have a deficiency for a certain vitamin, it may be better for you to a synthetic vitamin. The vitamin you need is isolated and can be taken in different concentrations.

The question is this: do our bodies make a distinction between the two? The answer is yes.

Some synthetic vitamins aren’t absorbed well in the body. For example, Vitamin E is absorbed twice better if you take its natural form.

Still, many synthetic vitamins are made to have a similar structure and effect in the body. Nevertheless, it’s undeniable that it’s still absorbed in the body differently.

For a vitamin to be absorbed, it needs specific co-factors. With synthetic vitamins being standalone vitamins, your body would have to wait for such co-factors for better absorption. If you fail to take the needed co-factors, the excess synthetic vitamin will be flushed out of your body.

The bottom line: it’s best to opt for natural vitamins whenever possible. You can visit our natural vitamins store in Gilbert, AZ, for a dose of natural vitamins that are tailor-fit for your needs.