Everyone wants their skin to glow. But it can only do so if you have the right balance of vitamins. Even if you are stressed or unwell, the right vitamins can keep your skin looking amazing. Here are the key vitamins your body needs and how they promote healthy skin:

Vitamin A. This vitamin is responsible for the health of your lower and upper skin layers. It reduces sun damage by slowing the breakdown of collagen. This vitamin gives your skin an even glow while smoothing wrinkles. Vitamin A also helps to repair the skin.

Vitamin B-Complex. This vitamin group is known to reduce signs of aging, specifically Vitamin B-3. Vitamin B-7, also known as biotin, plays an integral role in the metabolism of various fatty acids that help combat acne, inflammation, and skin infections.

Vitamin C. This vitamin is a powerhouse antioxidant that flushes free radicals out of your body. As for the skin, vitamin C prevents bruising. It also promotes faster healing of sores and wounds. This vitamin also lightens hyperpigmentation and dark spots on the skin. If you want to increase your Vitamin C intake, vitamins and supplements store in Gilbert, AZ, sell a range of Vitamin C supplements.

Vitamin E. If there’s one vitamin your skin shouldn’t miss, it would be Vitamin E. You can find this in most natural vitamins stores in Gilbert, AZ. Vitamin E helps reduce sagging, wrinkles and aging. If applied topically, it can absorb UV light to prevent skin damage. This is the reason why almost every high quality lotion contains this vitamin.

These vitamins should be taken in the proper amount to provide the best benefits. Some of these vitamins can be consumed through solid food. However, if you are not getting the recommended daily allowance, a vitamin supplement will augment the deficiency.

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Is it recommended to take a multivitamin every day?

As much as we can source our vitamins from solid food, it also entails a lot of extra calories. In this case, a multivitamin will help. Instead of taking one pill for each vitamin, you can consume it in one multivitamin. This allows you to consume all skin-friendly vitamins and more nutrients that your body needs.

However, the question is this: is it safe to take multivitamins daily? The answer is yes, especially if you have a poor diet. Although there’s no substitute for healthy meals, multivitamins help bridge the nutritional gap.

Remember that there are multivitamins specifically formulated for each age group and gender. They guarantee that people are getting ample vitamins in line with their age-based needs.

Multivitamin supplements are already pre-formulated, which means it can be taken directly. There’s no need for you to mix powders or take 12 pills at once. As long as you follow the suggested dosage, daily multivitamins will be safe to take.

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