Vitamins and supplements are necessary for your health. And if you head to your nearest vitamins and supplements store in Gilbert AZ, we can help you decide what you should get and how much you’re supposed to take. Take note that each person has varying needs, so make sure that what you’re getting augments the deficiencies in your body.

Generally, you should look for the vitamins and supplements with the following characteristics:

Opt for activated nutrients

The most effective supplements have been transformed into their active forms. This is faster to absorb and your body will less likely experience wastage. It’s also more effective than non-activated ones.

Choose one with Vitamin E complex

Vitamin E complex is a great addition to every supplement. Tocopherols are a blend of various Vitamin E nutrients. This gives you optimal nutrition instead of taking just one type of Vitamin E on your supplement.

Avoid fillers

Fillers and artificial additives are no-nos when shopping for your supplement. As much as artificial additives increase the shelf-life of the supplement, it will also bring unnecessary toxins in your body. We recommend getting whole, natural and clean supplements from a reliable natural vitamins store in Gilbert, AZ.

Don’t take calcium and iron simultaneously

Take note that calcium and iron shouldn’t be taken simultaneously. Calcium may interfere with the absorption of iron, which will make your supplement less effective. So if you are to purchase a vitamin, opt for only one of these nutrients at a time.

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Check the potency

Each supplement will have a specific potency. You have to check this to ensure that it’s suitable for your body. Too much and it will be detrimental to your health; too scarce and it will not give you optimal benefits.

How much would I take?

The amount of vitamins you need to take depends on the level of deficiency. You should look for the UL or Upper Tolerable Limit for each nutrient. Usually, individuals can take up to 50 times the RDA. Still, you have to watch out for any adverse effects that may occur. All supplements have an indicated dosage that you should always follow.

If you’re taking other medications, it’s best to consult a doctor first. Also, vitamin intake will vary on the age of the person. Usually, older people have to take less of specific vitamins.

If you’re at a loss about the right dosage, feel free to drop by our metaphysical store in Gilbert, AZ. Our staff will help you find the right supplement and dosage for you.

Quality and efficiency

When shopping for vitamins and supplements, always invest in quality. This is to guarantee the efficiency of the supplement in boosting your health. Avoid very cheap supplements as it could have substandard ingredients with poor absorption levels.

Always invest in supplements that work. This is possible with proper advice from our experts and in knowing what you really need.