Vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients that support our bodies’ natural processes. A vitamin and mineral deficiency will cause internal problems and can lead to various illnesses. However, not everyone has to take a vitamin and mineral supplement. But if a medical professional prescribes one, our vitamins and supplements store in Gilbert, AZ is always open for your supply.

So do you need to take a supplement? Here are some of the questions you need to answer first?

Is your food intake limited due to allergies?

Many people have limited food intake due to their allergies and other health conditions. In this situation, they need to augment the deficiency by taking supplements. For example, a vegetarian may not consume enough vitamins from animal-based sources. Supplements become an indispensable product in this situation.

If you’re someone looking for trusted vitamins, head to our natural vitamins store in Gilbert, AZ. We have a large inventory of reputable supplements that you can buy.

Are you planning to conceive or currently pregnant?

For those who are planning to conceive, it’s essential to get their body systems ready. It starts by boosting their immune system and consuming enough folic acid. And since not all can eat large amounts of food just to get enough nutrition, supplements become an integral part of conception.

Expectant mothers can also ask their physicians about the necessary supplements they need to take. Again, folic acid is crucial in the development of the baby, especially their brain.

Nevertheless, you should always consult with a physician before taking any supplements.

Natural Vitamins Store in Gilbert, AZ

Do you have a poor appetite?

Individuals with poor appetite don’t consume enough food to suffice the needs of their bodies. This leads to various vitamin and mineral deficiencies. The good thing is you can shop for vitamins in Gilbert, AZ at Take Your Vitamins!

Also, children who aren’t eating enough will be prescribed with a specific vitamin supplement. Still, this requires the attention of a pediatrician to ensure that the supplement suits the child.

Also, if you’re alcohol dependent, you may not have the appetite to consume enough calories a day. As much as supplements will not give you the calories you need, it will augment the nutrients you lack.

Is your current medication depleting your body’s vitamin and mineral supply?

Medications often deplete the natural vitamins and minerals in our bodies. In this case, you need a supplement to fix the deficiency. However, you have to ensure that the supplement doesn’t have a contraindication with your current medication. The advice of a physician is crucial here to ensure your safety.

Once you secure a prescription, you can head to our metaphysical store in Gilbert, AZ, to shop for your vitamins. Our staff will help you find the vitamins that you need.

Are you always doing fieldwork?

If you’re always on fieldwork, you’re exposed to the harsh outdoor elements. Also, it increases your risk of contracting illnesses, so boosting your immune system is a must. You can take a multivitamin to improve your energy levels and to strengthen your immunity against diseases.

Overall, vitamins from Take Your Vitamins! in Gilbert, AZ will have just what you need for day to day health and wellness.